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Car Interior Washing and Streaming

Service includes car interior vacuum cleaning, the surface of the car and keep its features working in excellent conditions.

Car interior cleaning

In the interiors of cars and vehicles of various kinds it is important to carry out regular cleaning to remove and also periodically sanitize all surfaces, to eliminate even non-visible elements such as germs and bacteria

For cleaning and sanitizing upholstered seats and textile surfaces, Santoemma produces a complete range of innovative and high performance machines, which use a detergent and sanitizing solution or dense foam. These machines are able to perfectly remove all dirt leaving the surfaces dry shortly after cleaning.

The Santoemma CAR WashProgram - Car interior cleaningincludes various machines and chemical products developed for the professional cleaning of seats and car interiors. Different cleaning systems are available, to best adapt to the specific needs and preferences of the operators.

4 simple steps to get carpet and upholstery cleaning in Qatar

1. Book a clean either by email or phone for a time that suits you

2. We will send a fully insured & equipped technician

3.The technician will carefully remove dirt & stubborn stains

4.Relax and let us make your carpet or upholstery shine again

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